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I do laundry and sweep and mop my family’s tile floor on Wednesdays (#WashingWednesdays). I think about random things while doing so.

When sweeping, I try to mind the edges and corners else I will just push the dirt into the white baseboards. Usually, I will do the edges and corners first. I like walking around (cleaning is exercise!) so I am a “bad” Industrial Engineer by wasting motion when I clean. Eh, it depends on my objective. I default into “linear programming” and follow the lines that go wall to wall. I try to turn my brain “off” and relax (my constraints? Include slack variables? I am not really into surplus ;P ) when cleaning. Or I will pretend I am an Olympic curler and sweep randomly in an arc. I am random. Or is it all connected? Systems Thinking (ST) which I call System Dynamics-lite/SD-lite is interesting. We need to focus on and model problems and (not branch?) bound.
I don’t remember this “gate.” Sports are so competitive. People invest lots of money, emotions, etc. too. It is normal for people to want to have any advantage. Moneyball!
from “The WPI SD Song (Working Title).” Prof. Radz says a lot of things to me and the other students. I have a selective memory…and only do what he says when I think he is right (which is most of the time). Prof. Sterman taught Prof. Radz. Jay Forrester (RIP) the father of System Dynamics taught Prof. Sterman and Prof. Saeed. I really like talking to Prof. Saeed about when he lived in Thailand. He also shared/offered part of his lunch with us a few times. Very Asian thing to do. I think he is very nice and that he doesn’t like to eat a lot for lunch. I love having a long lunch and a fun-filled filling feast…and then go into a food coma. Nap life! Usually lunch is my biggest meal. It depends. More on this another day. I love talking about food and drinks…and how food temperature effects my energy level. Obesity modeling…Prof. Rahmandad presented his model at The 31st MIT-UAlbany-WPI Colloquium. That was an interesting day. I left the colloquium early because I had a flight to California (Cali) to visit my Cali Cousins and attend WinterSim’15. My cousins live in Irvine and the conference was in Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA!). I rented a car and crashed with them. I mean I stayed at their place…but I did almost get into a car accident. Some car broke down in a middle lane on the highway. It was tough trying to merge out. Police/highway patrol/emergency responder folks weren’t there to help yet. I don’t remember if the driver abandoned the car or what happened. Hope no one got hurt. I didn’t want to get stuck for even longer if they shut down that part of the highway. I’ve had that happen to me twice. Once in Massachusetts (MA)and once in the Midwest on route to Texas (TX)? My dad was driving both times and got grumpy. He also got stuck when he and my mom drove from MA -> TX.

More side notes: In Worcester, I did stop and help someone once. That was scary. A woman on the opposite side of the street as us passed out at the wheel. A female Clark University student (was the first to notice, react and lead the way) and a female nurse also stopped to help. First responders did arrive. I get into interesting/put myself into interesting (and traumatic) scenarios (e.g. the gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley. My cousin’s house [where I was living] was fine so were our immediate neighbors. Hmm that would be an interesting agent-based model/infectious disease model on stress in the City of the Damed In that scenario, it was a good thing we were still using oil to heat the house. My friends and their families were more effected). More on my traumas another day. Distraction time. Robert Frost also lived and studied in Lawrence, MA Lawrence is also famous for the Bread and Roses strike. Lots of history. I choose to be an Industrial Engineer for many reasons.

I spend more time writing random things (like poetry) than working on my papers. Prof. Konrad is the one who pushes me to write but she is on sabbatical and probably still thinks that I quit PhD to do social work (what is/is not social work?). Before I left for TX (and before her sabbatical), I told her that I wanted to work with kids with special needs. Try something new that would make me a better health modeler and help people directly. I still am interested in getting a Master of Clinical Social Work from the University of Houston.

Kitchen/Dining/Cooking Tips:

  • If you use paper napkins when you eat dinner, then save them to wipe the oil from your bowls, plates, pans, etc. Pour any leftover oil into a seal-able container and dispose of it. You’ll save your plumber, city, engineers, yourself, etc. from more headaches. Or as I like to say sometimes “不加油/Bù jiāyóu!” (Chinese Traditional/Mandarin-Pinyin) -> “Do not add oil!” (English). “Jiāyóu!” is also a common thing for us to say to cheer on our friends (e.g. WPI Badminton Club team).
  • Use leftover lemons/limes to clean your sink. Minimize the rust!
  • Cook outside to prevent your house from smelling (Asian foods smell strong) and having to use the fan/exhaust (if you have one). There are folks who know how to make cheap custom portable cooktops that you can wheel out of your garage or something. Or use a cover like my aunt does. My parents just have the cooktop on top of a collapsible plastic table. They prefer to use gas to cook. Electric stovetops are easier to clean…but in this case we care a lot more about taste. Some of my Chinese American friends (the restaurant owner kids) have restaurant style stoves that can fit woks and other large pots and pans. I love visiting them.

For more technical (and random) things:

  • I live in the Houston, TX area now. No snow! We also pay someone to mow our lawn here instead of doing it ourselves. For my friends and family in the north:
    Side note: Prof. Radz forgot about me on Monday because he was shoveling snow and caring for his grandkids #MeetingMondays but I anticipated that (because my family regularly checks the weather where our various family members live. WPI also sent out emails). I sent him a detailed update on the various things I do/read that might interest him. I’ll told him about
  • Prof. Martin went to Waterloo. I only remember some things he taught me. Memory loss. I also chose to focus on simulation…because The Sims is my favorite game (there are many other reasons). I bought The Sims 4 Island Living and Get to Work during the Black Friday sale. I have played all of The Sims base games and various expansion packs. Might go back to The Sims 3 for a bit. I haven’t played in a while. Reading, writing, and organizing things take up a lot of my time. I shall allocate time to playing games over break. I love doing things that I don’t get to do in real life in The Sims. Might go back to building and decorating houses again (i.e. somewhat design a tiny home. I like watching random things like Tiny House Nation but I typically prefer reading. Currently by my bed is Sylvia Naser’s A Beautiful Mind about [RIP] John Nash’s beautiful mind). I used to create and decorate houses in The Sims and The Sims 2 but stopped (and gave away most of my old gaming devices, games and computers to the older and younger generations of my family. I get to play when I visit them. Bonus!). Designing takes a lot of time. There are so many options now too. I will not even try to create my own custom sims anymore. People are very nice and share things that we can download.
from the “Roasts/Praise aka Basketball or Baseball walk up/lineup Introductions of WPI System Dynamics folks and other simulation ‘titans'” document that only people who plan the MIT-UAlbany-WPI Colloquia can see. It is a student run colloquia. I need to run some of the jokes by the people I wrote them about first before posting. Prof. Radz is very fun(ny). He tells jokes and stories about his “bull-fighting” day at a System Dynamics Conference in Spain He tells stories and reference movies from before I was born…when he “was a young pup.”

Please join us for The 39th MIT-UAlbany-WPI Colloquium!

Also like Prof. Paffenroth liked to say in class/comment “correct me if I am wrong.” Maybe he still says this…I haven’t taken classes from the WPI math department in a long time. All the WPI math folks I know are hilarious and very kind. Except Prof. Paffenroth picked on me in class even when I didn’t raise my hand. Mr. Grella also did that a lot to me in high school. I hated going to the whiteboard. I dislike markers. How they feel slippery against the board. How they smell. How I feel guilty about tossing them in the trash when they dry up. Chalkboards all the way for me.

But for those who do use whiteboards, please consider

Crayola washable marker stains and marks are also easier to clean off oneself and boards. Ex Expo. Sorry Not sorry! Docs diagnosed Demi Lovato with

DHMC docs diagnosed me with bipolar disorder type I in May 2017…while I was working on my dissertation project on PTSD at the White River Junction VA Medical center. More on this another day. I am open about my struggles with mental illness (lots of anxiety and guilt) and methods to cope. My professors, friends, and family have known for a while. I feel bad (guilt again) about stressing Prof. Konrad even more. She has three young daughters. It is funny how her husband calls almost every time I meet her in her office. Even when I meet her at different times. They’re cute. She, Prof. Radz, and I should meet in the WPI Rec Center sometime and stretch our backs (all of us have back pain) and exercise while chatting. Laptops (and paper) exist for many reasons. They are/were runners. I sometimes sprint. WPI undergrad 7-week system really suits me. Need to adapt if I want to be a GOAT (greatest of all time). Gompei the Goat is WPI’s mascot. Prof. Radz named one of his models after Gompei.

Radzicki, M. J. “GOMPEI: a Stock-Flow Consistent, Post-Keynesian, Macroeconomic Model.” International Post-Keynesian Conference on’Money, Crises, and Capitalism’in Grenoble. 2015.

I had issues with linking so I added the whole link in the text for some stuff. Always alliterate! Never say never. Always is impossible?

This has been fun(ny).



  1. It is interesting how the universe works. I typically dislike writing. I credit a lot of what I know about grammar, poetry, compositions and orals to this lady. She switched to teaching math.

    Diagram sentences!

    A person in my graduating class’ Facebook group informed us that she died yesterday (possibly while I wrote this blog post). She was a phenomenal (and seriously strict) teacher.

    I prefer tankas over haikus. I need more words to express what I want to say sometimes.

    I leave you with the first poem most of my classmates and I memorized and recited:


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